Twenty One Ways for Christian Ladies to Express Their Anger Biblically

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Twenty One Ways for Ladies to Express Their Anger Biblically

Phrases to use:

  1.  I am so freaking angry that you forgot to pick up the kids from daycare.
  2. I am infuriated by the lack of respect from my teenager.
  3. I am irritated by the constant drip of the faucet.
  4. I am frustrated and embarrassed that my child performs poorly in school.
  5. I am fuming with an incandescent rage that could scorch the earth where I gaze when I think of human trafficking.
  6. I am livid that the garment I just brought home has the security device still implanted.
  7. I am cross because I am just cross right now.
  8. I am annoyed by the dishes in the sink.
  9. I am indignant that my husband forgot my birthday.
  10. I am a torching blaze of fury because that driver just cut me off.

Actions to suit the feelings:

  1. Upending the church bake sale table and scourging the sellers but only if you have proof they are pocketing the money.
  2. Screaming into pillows, closets and while alone in the car.
  3. Sometimes raising your voice to others when they are not listening.  Phrases like “brood of vipers” and “white washed sepulchers” to be used sparingly.
  4. Walking away.
  5.  Running away, especially if there is any danger.
  6. Crying. A lot.
  7. Not forgiving until you know what you are forgiving.
  8. Not making it ok.
  9. Not pretending it is ok.
  10. Frowning deeply.

And lastly, remember that if you think being a Christian woman means that you aren’t supposed to get angry, you may think that being Christian is being a heartless robot.


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